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The official website for Pok└mon Legends: Arceus has explained why none of the starter Pok└mon available to the player come from the Sinnoh region.

By Scott Baird

Published 4 hours ago


Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters Sinnoh

Pok└mon Legends: Arceus?is set in the Sinnoh region from?Pok└mon Diamond?and?Pearl,?yet none of its starter?Pok└mon come from those games. The official website for?Pok└mon Legends: Arceus?has explained how three?Pok└mon that aren’t native to Sinnoh managed to arrive in the region.

Starter?Pok└mon are among the rarest?Pok└mon in each region. The player is given the choice of one of three?Pok└mon at the start of the game, and they never get the chance to catch the rest. This made it annoying to complete the?Pok└dex in early?Pok└mon?video games, especially as they only had one save slot per cartridge. Over time, gathering all of the starter?Pok└mon became easier, thanks to the ability to breed and mass-produce?Pok└mon, and online trading making it simple to acquire any?Pok└mon that the player needs.

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The starter?Pok└mon in?Pok└mon Diamond?and?Pearl?were Chimchar, Piplip, and Turtwig. These?Pok└mon will be returning as the starters in?Pok└mon Brilliant Diamond?and?Shining Pearl.?The upcoming?Pok└mon Legends: Arceus?is set in the same Sinnoh region as?Pok└mon Diamond?and?Pearl,?yet it has starters that debuted in different games. Cyndaquil debuted in?Pok└mon Gold?and?Silver,?Oshawatt debuted in?Pok└mon Black?and?White,?and Rowlet debuted in?Pok└mon Sun?and?Moon.?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Pokemon

The page for?Pok└mon Legends: Arceus?on the official?Pok└mon?website explains how these?Pok└mon made their way to the Sinnoh region. According to the website, they were brought to Sinnoh by a?Pok└mon Professor, who has yet to be named. This Professor encountered them while traveling to other regions on research missions and brought them to Sinnoh. This suggests that the Professor traveled to Alola, Johto, and Unova in the past.


There is also a prominent fan theory that aims to explain why these three specific?Pok└mon were chosen as the starters for?Pok└mon Legends: Arceus.?The game is set in ancient times, which means players could see the samurai period of the?Pok└mon?world. Oshawatt evolves into Samurott, which is a samurai/sword-themed?Pok└mon, Rowlett evolves into Decidueye, which is an archer, and Typhlosion’s Japanese name is similar to the word Shogun. A?Pok└mon Professor brought these three?Pok└mon to Sinnoh, but there could be a greater significance to why they were chosen.

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Pok└mon Legends: Arceus?will be released for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.



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