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The intruders also attacked the family dog as they left, hitting the pet with a garden tool and leaving it seriously wounded and bloody.

JOHN HERNANDEZ: So the call dropped at 5:00 AM. We responded to a home invasion at the 6900 block of Feather Creek Drive. The complainant stated that four males entered into the back of their residence fully dressed in black. They had a mask on.

She stated that they kept on asking for money. They kept on asking where the money was located at. She kept on telling them she did not have no kind of currency on her. She stated that she doesn’t know why they entered into her residence. She believes that it was when she was at a bank attempting to cash a check, and that’s when she believed that she was followed to her residence. She stopped at several banks that day attempting to open up a bank account.

At this time, we have no leads on the case, and it’s an ongoing investigation. We’re still at the preliminary of our investigation, and that’s what where we’re at.

– How many people were inside the house?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: Those four suspects that entered into the residence.

– And living there with her?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: Inside the residence was the mother and her three sons.


JOHN HERNANDEZ: Two teenage sons and one toddler.

– Now I guess we had heard or overheard that possibly they had [INAUDIBLE] hurt a dog or shot a dog. Do you know anything about that?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: The suspects, when leaving the location, they used a garden tool and they struck the dog in the neck area. The dog was transported by family members to a nearby veterinarian.

– Were any of the family members hurt [INAUDIBLE] tied or anything?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: So the suspects, they were detained or basically all brought out to a common living area. They were all face down on the ground. Nobody was tied up, but two did suffer minor injuries from the assault.

– From the assault. Nothing that was being transported to the hospital? Everything was taken care of here?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: Yes, minor injuries, scrapes, you know, a bruise, but nobody was transported to the hospital.

– Any witnesses or a video [INAUDIBLE] going through the neighborhood?

JOHN HERNANDEZ: So right now we’re going through the neighborhood getting video footage. But, you know, the incident happened, like, at 5:00 AM. Everybody was sleeping. Nobody was really outside during the time.

– And obviously because they were all dressed or covered, we don’t even know what– you know, race they were, the suspects were.

JOHN HERNANDEZ: At that time, we cannot release any of that information. But yes, race was discovered.


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