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Have you ever imagined what your favorite pop stars would look like as Pok└mon?

TikTok user @Leorgasmic, real name L└o Dupuy, is going viral for his 3D Pok└mon avatars inspired by popular artists.

His first creation was a?Pok└mon based on Lady Gaga!whose Pocket Monster alter ego s name is Romama, inspired by a lyric from “Bad Romance.”

The?avatar s red and white design is based around one of the signature costumes featured in Gaga s “Bad Romance” music video. (The dark Pok└mon even does the iconic dance move from the video!)

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande s?Pok└mon was inspired by her “Dangerous Woman” music video. Grande s character falls under the “fairy” and “dark” categories.

“Meet Fairyana, the high note Pokemon,” Dupuy wrote. “Old books say that whoever hears his song will be instantly turned into a BAD B—H.”

Funnily enough, Grande is a fan of Pok└mon in real life: In 2019, she got a black and white tattoo of the character Eevee on her inner elbow.

Billie Eilish s also got the Pok└mon treatment. Her character features the spooky black tears from her “When The Party s Over” music video, as well as both her former blue and green hair looks. She is classified as “ghost” and “water.”

“Meet Lamenteilish, the sadness Pok└mon. This Pok└mon is so consumed with sadness that it can¨t move. Over time, it learned to use its tears to fight and overcome the obstacles,” Dupuy explained.

Dupuy s latest creation is a feline-themed Pok└mon based off Katy Perry s “Dark Horse” music video, complete with ancient Egyptian theming. See the psychic?Pok└mon called Kittyleery, below:

Dupuy even shared a video of his animation process, which reveals just a peek into the hours of work that goes into his creations.

Watch his intricate workflow, below.


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