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[Cyber Shadow Nintendo Switch][Men’s Cyber Sub-brand first mass production car or listed in September]

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  [汽车之家 资讯] 日前,At the Mark Brand Strategy Conference,The official announced the launch of Cyber’s new child brand.At the same time, the product line has now planned two new cars.The first mass production model will be a new SUV model.Based on a new architecture,Will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year (according to the car home is exclusive,The new car is the fastest or listed in September).


  ”Maguer Cyberster Pure Electric Concept Sports Car”

  As the Cyber series is born,The product of the company will be divided into two series: tide series and Cyber series,The products currently selling will be attributed to the tide series.Maintain a charm appearance, cost-effective; Cyber series, the main young, sports, etc.Simultaneously,The Cyber series will open a new game from CyBerster.

  Cyberster pure electric concept sports car based on new architectureWill open the new electric age.New cars integrate mechanical performance and “intelligence technology”,Application through the non-die cell (CTP) technology,You can achieve 800 kilometers of ultra-long battery life; with the new 8-story Hair-Pin card issuer motor,0-100km / h accelerate only 3 seconds.In addition,The new car will carry the L3-level conditional automatic driving technology.

  Mr Cyberster will open a new gameplay of “Symbiosis, Sharing, and create”.Because the official announces,Mr Cyberster will launch crowd during the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, 2021.The crowdfarates 50 million yuan will determine if CyBerster is really mass production.


  In addition to the above two products,The Cyber Series also plans a variety of models.Contains electric vehicles, plug-in mixed and fuel vehicles.March stressed,Electric cars are not the core item of the Cyber series,Trend, intelligence, personality, sports, modification, and young spokesperson,This is the core item of Cyber.

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  Mark is a historic brand.By 2023, I will truly enter the array of hundreds of years.But Mingr is still a brand of young people.For example, a newly launched Cyber series is reconstructing relationships with young people.Planned products also have a common feature,That is, the higher end of the consumption upgrade, the digital age is more technology, and the personality expression is more leaded, and the fashion pursuit is more treated.More young March and more trend, more combined with the user’s Cyber series,Are you optimistic?Welcome to the message interaction!(Text / car home Song Aiju)

  ”Mr Cyberster in Shanghai Auto Show started mass production


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