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[Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers]22 years old Fudan English language literature enrollment, reference book, retest line, report ratio, postgraduate experience

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  One: Professional introduction

  English language and literature is a secondary discipline set up in foreign language literature.It is one of the earliest foreign language majors in my country.The development trend of English language literature reflects the development trend of linguistics,The discipline mainly studies three contents,Research on Foreign Literary Research, Intercultural Communication Research, Translation Theory.

  2: Admissions Plan

  2021: 15 (Push: 13)

  2020: 15 (Push: 10)

  2019: 15 (push: 10)

  Three: Retest Scores

  2021: 55/90/370

  2020: 55/90/360

  2019: 55/90/360

  Four: Direction

  01 (full day system) modern English

  02 (full-time) British literature

  03 (full day) American literature

  04 (full-time) translation

  05 (full-time) linguistics and application linguistics

  06 (full day system) literary theory

  Five: First Test Society

  1101 Ideological and Political Theory

  2252 Russian (second) or 253 Japanese (second) or 254 French (secondary) or 255 German (two)

  3708 basic English

  4813 British and American literature history or 814 English linguistic theory

  Six: Reference book

  (1) “British literature” Sun Jian, etc.Fudan University press

  (2) “American literature selection” Zhang Chong, etc.Fudan University press

  (3) Introduction to Languager. Fromkin

  (4) The study of languageg.Yule

  7: Preparation experience

  Er foreigner French:

  I reviewed the French, in addition to the textbooks,The materials also have been used:Er Foreign French Postgraduate Research (Xiao Hong) and the Question of the Elderly Dynasty in the Study Tank Library.Review focus or postgraduate examination,Brush a few times,The right question is GOOD,In addition, the grammatical foundation must be solid,And vocabulary is a big relationship,So usually start accumulating words,The verb variation is especially important!

  basic English:

  Heavy weight,The title English translationChinese translation of English,Each composition is 50 points,Fudan has always been like this,Three blocks,It is a clear flow of the English professional base English exam.The advantage is that there is no need to read a lot of books of theoretical classes.The terrible is that there is no book to see.In fact,Foundation English is the most experienced class,First, because translation and writing are subjective,It is difficult toThe second is because this course is the foundation (for the past, the commentary of literature,So I read a lot of literary comments before the test.There is even some literary terms,Results This year, there is no translation of the theme of literature comments,Instead, more philosophies,The prepared thing is not used.So on the examination room,90% are the basic skills in Captain),The usual language accumulation,Nothing skills.

  The first task of review is the back word.Translation is always understood,Be sure to carry out eight and grew words.For Chinese translation,The book I mainly used is Liu Shi Cong’s “English and Han Dynasty” and appreciation and appreciation “, Zhang Peiji’s” English and translation of China’s modern ethics (1), (2) “,” English-Chinese translation tutorial “,Translation must practice yourself,Then study the translation skills,After a while, practice it again.

  Some of the references I use: special eight words such as fish, Vocabulary Builder small green, Zhang Peiji English translation, Chinese culture reading English version, etc.It is worth reciting; VB small greenbook introduces the knowledge of the root,Vocabulary can be expanded; Zhang Pei’s prose is a high-quality material for literary translation; Chinese culture readers introduced the method of introducing Chinese culture in English,It is good for Chinese translation.In addition, practice a Chinese translation every day.English translators do the real questions,Accumulate vocabulary and usage.

  As for the composition,You can use the special eight to practice the training before the test (the best before the reform,After the special eight reform, the material is overview,Not suitable for Fudan’s topic),Two in one week.In short,Translation needs to accumulate,And it is difficult to see results in a short time.But as long as everyone insists on the two quantities of seriousness,The whole body is invested in,The final result must be very good.Everyone must pay attention to time allocation on the examination room!!

  8: Zhen

  708 Basic English (2021)

  1. 作文 60\’

  Write an article around Robert Frost writing an article for no less than 1000 words

  2. 英译中 50\’

  (It should be a speech.The problems faced by the United States,Such as the economy,education,Medical hygiene, etc.The speaker calls on the people don’t lose confidence in the United States.Don’t listen to what it is IS, And you will work, Do What OuGht To Do, And Martin Lutid, has always firmly firmly firmly of the belief in the United States and its governments.Examples of struggle for building better USA.The number of words is around 400)

  3. Chinese translation 40 ‘

  (About pride,It is an article from humanities.Pleasant is that all evil is coming from pride,The essence of pride is the comparison,Proud is not because of how much it is,Proud is because it is more and more happy than others.About two hundred words)

  813 History of Literature (2021)

  (Try structure: four big topics,The first big topic is divided into four questions; the second big question is a choice question; the third question is a brief answer; the third largest question is the discussion

  The first question (13 * 5 ‘+ 2 * 7’ + 2 ‘)

  Question 1

  ”Upon a Great Adventure He Was Bond,

  The Greatest Glorina to Him Gave,

  The Greatest Gloriuos Queen of Faerie Land,

  TO WINNE HIM WORSHIP, And Her Garce to Have,

  Which of all Earthly Things He Most Did Crave;

  And EVER AS He Rode, His Heart Did He Earneto Prove His Puissance In Battle Brave

  Upon His Foe, And his new force to learn;

  Upon His Foe, A Dragon Horrible and Stearne.”

  (Four options)

  1. Which writer is this?(Back to four options)

  2. What is this Dragon TRADITIAL SOCIAL Ideal? (The option has Zoophobia, Cult of Mary, Warship of War, ChiValry)

  (After the two questions can’t be recorded,However, it should be surrounded by this passage)

  Question 2

  Give a comment word,About culture,Artworks such as books, sculptures are subject to time inspection to prove is a real classic.But these classics can no longer provide the readers to the reader’s experience.

  (Four options)

  1. At the end of the paragraph, “PLEASURE OF SWEETNESS AND LIGHT” is from which writer is from?

  2. What is the work of this writer related to the above phrase?(The answer is obvious,Is Culture and anarchy 3. Which of the following people are in line with the creator of “PLEAsure of Sweet and Light”?(The option has the unacknowledged legislator, Cultural Idealist, ETC)

  4. This text reflects what tensions?

  Question 3

  Provided a commentary text about Nature,The writer (the specific name is not remembered) but and Puca is the same as the natural point of view.Think Nature is not Individual,But General ProPorts That All Species Have.

  1. Choice questions,Ask the following four writers which one and the writer are the same era?(Option has Jane Austen, Oliver Goldsmith, John Lock, ETC)

  2. Inspect,How will the author define Nature?

  3. What is “minuter discrimination” mentioned in this article

  4. Explain the scribe clause (in the last half of the paragraph) “for Characteristics” for Characteristics AS Well As Careless To Vigiland As Well As Careless To Vigiland AS Well AS Careless To Vigiland AS Well AS

  Question 4

  Tom Gave Up The Brush with reluctance in His Face, Butave in hen heart. And while the latert big misti worked and sweated in the sun, The Retired Artist Sat on A Barrel in The Shade Close By, Dangled His Legs, Munched His Apple, And Planned The Slaughter of More Innocents. There was no lack of material; boys happened along every while; they camera to jeer, But Remained to WhiteWash. By The Time Ben Was Fagged Out, Tom Had traded the next chance to billy fisher for a kite, In good repair; and when he played out, Johnny Miller BOUGHT IN for a dead rat and a string to swing it with – Ando ON, And So ON, Hour after hours. And when the middle of the afternoc camera, From Being a Poor Paverty-stricken Boy in Morning, Tom Was Literally Rolling in Wealth. He Had Besides The Things Before Mentioned, Twelve Marbles, Part of a Jews-Harp, a piece of blue bottle-glas to look through, A Spool Cannon, a key that wouldn\’t unlock anything, Afragment of chalk, A Glass Stopper of a Decanter, a tin silver, A Couple of Tadpoles, Six Fire-Crackers, A Kitten With Only One Eye, A Brass Doorknob, A dog-collar – But no dog – The Handle of a knife, Four Pieces of Orange-Peel, And a dilapidated old window sash.

  He Had Had a nice, good, Idle Time All The While – Plenty of Company – and the fence had Three Coats of Whitewash on it! If he hadn\’t run out of whitewash he would have bankrupted every boy in the village.

  Tom Said to Himself That It Was Not Such a Hollow World, After all. He Had Discovered a Great Law of Human Action, WITHOUT KNOWING IT – Namely, That in Order to make a man or a Boy Covet A Thing, IT is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain. IF He Had Been a Great and Wise Philosopher, Like the Writer of this Book, He Would Now Have Comprehended That Work Consists of Whate A Body Is Oblige to Do, AND That Play Consists of whatver a body is not obliged to do. And this Would Help Him to Understand Why Construction Artificial Flowers or Performing ON A Tread-Mill IS Work, While Rolling Ten-Pins OR Climbing Mont Blanc is Only Amusement. There Are Wealth Four-Horse Passenger-coaches TWENTY ORTY MILES ON A DAILY LINE, In The Summer, Because the privilege; but the service Money; But if the were offered Wages for the service, That Would Turn It Into Work and Then They Would Resign.

  1. Choice questions,Ask this paragraph, what kind of person is Tom?(The option is stupid,lazy,Free from the like)

  2. Choice questions,Ask the line sentence (what attitude when the author starts from if He Had Been A Great and Wise Philosopher)?

  3. What is the meaning of Alacrity (2 points) 4. Inspect,How is the author? CHILDHOOD AND THE ADULT World in this novel? has no meaning?

  Second question choice questions

  1. Give four characters,Ask which works below have one of the above characters?

  2. The option gives four poems,Which poem is a romantic period?

  3. Telling a story of a family in the economic crisis,In the topic, this work has been introduced for two or three sentences.What is this work?

  4. The options give a storyline introduction of the four works, respectively.Which option is in accordance with Victorian Plot?

  5. Asking the Narrative Technique of the two works?(Has Ulysses and Washington Square, The Sound of Fury and Mrs. Dallow, Othello and.)

  (There is also a question not too clear)

  Third big question (must be 4 * 6 ‘)

  1. What do the witches do in Shakespeare\’s Macbeth?

  2. What does vanity in the “Vanity Fair” of Pilgrim\’s Progress refer to?

  3. In the scarlett letter, There is Many Oppositions, Name One and Explain

  4. In Romantic Works There Many Super Natural Elements, Choose One Work and Explain.

  The fourth question (two choices,15 points)

  1. Give a comment of the text of Sroulo writing style.What is the literary context of this paragraph? Illustrate Points on the Version of Romanticism in America As Well as the representative?

  2. Give a message about novel writing,I really want to ask the novel writing skills.Because I didn’t choose this question,Not very remember.

  Nine: Retest

  Foreign College Master’s Admissions Examination Total Performance Calculation Method and Review Society

  1.The master’s admissions exam total score is in the form of percentage,The total score = the initial results of the initial test ÷ 5 × 50% + retest scores × 50%.Each expert is independently scored (with percent),The results of candidates were sorted in the group in the average division of experts in the retest group.The total score is more than 60 points or more.Candidates will be sorted by the admissions examination total results; the retest results are unsatisfactory,Do not admit.

  2.Retries and subjects: Master of Academic Degrees and Professional Degrees are interview,Master of Academic Degrees is: Subject Comprehensive knowledge (including literature, linguistics, translation expertise, etc.); master’s degree reunification subjects are: discipline comprehensive knowledge (including translation related practices and expertise, etc.).



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