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[siege game]Rainbow Six Siege Board Game Now On Kickstarter

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  Yet another popular video game series is seeing a board game adaptation on Kickstarter. This time around it is the massively popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

  The official Kickstarter page by developer Mythic Games makes it clear that this will be a faithful adaptation. It is an asymmetrical and tactical game where two teams of Operators alternate between roles as Attackers and Defenders. Each Operator has a unique skill or gear loadout that gives them their own tactical advantage as well as a defined role in a squad. Whoever completes their objectives first, or wipes out the enemy squad, is the winner.

  The campaign itself doesn’t seem to have an overview of how a game is played, the trailer mostly shows off the board game pieces intercut with footage from the Rainbow Six Siege videogame, but it does show off what the game includes. Rainbow Six Siege: The Board Game will contain twenty Operators, including the likes of Sledge, Montagne, and the memetic glory that is Tachanka, several dozen markers and tokens to designate breached walls, deployed wires and charges, movement tiles, or areas on overwatch, as well as two maps on a double-sided board.

  Images of Operator models for Rainbow Six Siege The Board Game

  If you are interested in becoming a backer, there are some delightful stretch goals and incentives to watch out for. First, it’ll be cheaper overall to back it now before it goes to retail as well as getting access to stretch goals such as alternate gadgets for Mute and Valkyrie. Second, you’ll receive special cosmetic skins for your Operators in the Rainbow Six Siege video game. And third, you’ll get an alternate model for Operator Zero. The base game’s pledge is at $69, the Trooper pledge which nets you the base game, stretch goals, and future expansions, will set you back $199, and there is the All-In pledge which for $269 will get you everything in the Trooper pledge, 7 DLC codes for Rainbow Six Siege Kickstarter Skins, as well as a laser sight, 3D decor, and a neoprene dice set.

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  The Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded at $865,000, well beyond its funding goal of $100,000, and will officially conclude July 2. If you want to have a piece of Rainbow Six Siege on your gaming shelf, now’s the time.


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