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  There is an entertaining line of villains in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and here is every boss you encounter, ranked from worst to best.

  By Thomas Heath

  Published 4 days ago



  Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has a wide range of bosses that will get in the way of your progress towards taking down Nefarious, from the returning Grunthor on Sargasso, to the flying Seekerpede. Some of these bosses appear multiple times in the game too, so?we will account for every appearance made by each of those who show up several times across your adventure.

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  This list will rank these bosses on several factors, including the difficulty of the fights, the creativity of the gameplay they entail, and the relevance each boss has to the game’s core story. Here are all the bosses included in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, ranked.


  Grunthor in Rift Apart

  The Grunthor makes a return from Tools of Destruction and is one of the early bosses you’ll encounter in Rift Apart. You’ll encounter these dinosaur-like creatures on Sargasso, and killing 5 of these will unlock the ‘Extinction Event’ trophy. The main attack you’ll have to watch out for is its charge attack, which can be avoided using the Phantom Dash but will deal a lot of damage if it connects.

  They can also throw rocks at you, meaning they’re dangerous both up close and at a distance. They have a lot of health too, so if you’re looking to deal with a Grunthor you’d best use high damage weapons such as the Warmonger or Shatterbomb. The Topiary Sprinkler is also effective by freezing them in place, allowing you to unload a lot of damage without worrying about the Grunthor attacking you.

  Undead Grunthor fight

  The Undead Grunthor is essentially a better version of the living Grunthor, they have the same moveset as their non-skeletal counterpart but with a lot more health. It also just looks cooler than the living Grunthor, which?certainly gives it a few points over that version.

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  The Undead Grunthor also fights with a horde of Undead Goons, adding another layer of difficulty to its fights. If you come up against this boss be sure to make use of passive weapons such as the Topiary Sprinkler and Mr. Fungi, whilst using shorter-range weapons to deal with the additional enemies which appear alongside it.


  Royal Guard Escorts Rift Apart

  This boss fight takes place on Viceron?and comes after Rivet has already dealt with multiple waves of smaller enemies. The Royal Guard Escorts will appear alongside more enemy waves, so make sure you use weapons such as Mr. Fungi which will distract enemies from attacking you directly, allowing you to focus fire on the two escorts.

  The Royal Guard Escorts only have one attack, powerful missiles which will deal a lot of damage but are fairly easy to avoid. As long as you track the ships you shouldn’t have too many issues with this fight, just make sure to not get trapped by the smaller enemies and keep an eye on your ammo counts.

  Invasion Commanders Rift Apart

  The Invasion Commanders arrive just as Ratchet tries to access the archive on Savali, you only need to deal 50% damage to each commander as they share a health bar. These bosses are juiced-up Juggernauts and possess the same two attacks, blue missiles and a purple laser beam which will deal a lot of damage if you’re unable to avoid it.

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  An additional move that the commanders possess is a large jump, if they manage to land on you they’ll deal a lot of damage so keep an eye on their movement to avoid this damaging attack. Smaller enemies will appear at the halfway point, but all you need to do is defeat the two Juggernauts so focus your fire on these two bosses with weapons such as the Warmonger, and longer-range weapons.


  Francois Rift Apart

  Francois is Rift Apart’s second major boss, and you’ll encounter this giant robot in Zurkie’s arena, after Pierre LeFair opts out of fighting against Rivet, instead choosing to send in Francois as his champion. Francois is a tricky boss, although he does have a simple moveset, the combination of his attacks and the hazards on the battlefield could cause you lots of problems.

  Fire shoots out of the ground in the arena, and Francois will throw bombs at you which upon exploding turn into smaller bombs that deal a hefty amount of damage despite their size. Francois also has a huge jump and will try to squash you constantly. He’ll also deploy some smaller enemies which can be a bit of a nuisance and will distract you from dealing directly with Francois himself.

  The Tide Twins boss fight

  The Tide Twins and Crabcakes McGee are both souped-up forms of Francois. Their main attacks are the bomb and laser attacks, but the most dangerous is their slam attack, in which they’ll jump towards you before slamming into the ground, sending out a shockwave which can deal a lot of damage if you’re in the area of effect.

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  All three of these bosses should be dealt with using high damage weapons such as the Warmonger, as well as the shotguns if you’re able to avoid their close-range attacks. Mr. Fungi is also a great choice because it will help offset the clear numerical disadvantage you’ll have in both fights.


  The Fixer boss fight

  The Fixer boss fight is one of the most unique fights in Rift Apart because you don’t actually fight him. Instead, you’ll be engaging in a series of rail grinding segments all whilst avoiding numerous obstacles and attacks from The Fixer. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the game’s big fights and is something that we’d love to see more of in future installments.

  The dialogue during the fight is great, with Rivet and Clank trying to reason with The Fixer who is undergoing a slight crisis of confidence as the giant robot no longer believes he is worthy of the title bestowed upon him. The fight ends with the two parties making peace with one another, and the sequence stands out as one of the most interesting and unique parts of Rift Apart.


  Dr. Nefarious’ first boss fight is essentially a tutorial fight, and so it’s a fairly easy challenge to overcome. His Party Crasher ship is equipped with clusterbombs, and midway through the fight Nefarious summons swarmers by opening up some dimensional rifts. You’ll have few weapon options at this stage of the game, but you shouldn’t need anything too advanced to defeat this version of Nefarious.

  The second fight takes place on Zurkie’s Arena and has multiple stages. He has a range of attacks, including a sweeping blade attack and acid grenades which have a wide area of effect. You’ll also be moving across dimensions, as Nefarious uses the Dimensionator to transport you to different areas which change up the environments the fight takes place in. At one stage there’s even a Grunthor to deal with and Dr. Nefarious starts using a missile attack which can deal a lot of damage if you don’t avoid them.


  Seekerpede Boss Fight

  The Seekerpede is Sargasso’s main boss fight and is split between chase segments using a Speetle and the second phase which begins the main fight itself. The Seekerpede has a sweeping attack that requires you to double jump in order to avoid it, as well as a laser attack that will follow you for an extended period of time until the Seekerpede must recharge.

  Halfway through the fight, another chase segment will begin, but this time the Seekerpede will deploy some mines that you’ll have to avoid. The second fighting stage introduces a new attack, the Seekerpede will deploy land mines around the arena, but aside from this, the fight is the same. The Seekerpede is a great fight mainly because of the distinctly different stages it has, and as one of the earliest fights in the game can be a real challenge.

  Emperor Nefarious wielding the Dimensionator

  Emperor Nefarious’ Imperial Power Suit is the game’s final boss, and definitely the best in Rift Apart. The fight has four distinct stages, with each one requiring Ratchet to focus primarily on avoiding the suit’s attacks and using the small windows of opportunity presented to them to deal some damage. This fight is the most visually impressive one in the game, taking place in the sprawling city of Megalopolis, with Nefarious’ Power Suit dominating the skyline.

  It also nails the atmosphere and emotions necessary for a final boss fight, and the intimate nature of the final segment, which takes place between Emperor Nefarious and Rivet in one final standoff makes it a memorable conclusion to Rift Apart’s story.

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