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[wastelands 3 metacritic]The 10 Best RPGs Of 2020, Ranked (According To Metacritic)

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  2020 had a bunch of great RPG’s come out. This is what Metacritic says were the best releases of the year.

  By Kit Morris

  Published Nov 29, 2020


  yakuza like a dragon

  Role-playing games?have always been one of the best genres in gaming and fans have enjoyed many titles that released this year. Despite having to overcome the obstacles that they faced, companies like Square Enix, Atlus, and Sega have all worked hard to make this a great year for their fans.

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  As the current generation of gaming comes to an end while another begins, players can look back to see which titles they want to buy for the holidays as well as how much their favorite video games have helped them survive the madness of 2020. Here are the ten best RPG titles that gamers have been playing?during these chaotic times.


  Sakuna of Rice and Ruin

  After being banished from her home, Sakuna joins a group of outcasts to fight the demons on the island they reside in. Sakuna also feeds her new friends, creating a great blend between genres. This game also implements Japanese Mythology into its story with a twist. With its mix between fast combat and farming, as well as its interesting art style, this indie title is one of the best to release this year.

  nexomon title

  For those that are not happy with?Pokémon Sword?and?Pokémon Shield, they should try?Nexomon: Extinction. Though the story is quite different than what?Pokémon?fans are used to, the gameplay is very similar. Players can catch Nexomon and use them in battles while travelling around the world. However, this game is much more challenging as it is harder to gain items and easier to get lost, giving it its own identity.?This title is great for old school?Pokémon?fans that want the series to return to what it once was.


  genshin impact playable characters

  One of the best titles this year had to offer was?Genshin Impact. This was a free-to-play game so RPG fans have no reason to not give it a chance. Set in an open-world, Teyvat, players can join their friends to see all that they can do in the game.

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  There are?many similarities to?The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?due to its visuals and gameplay mechanics. Like the title that revolutionized the open-world genre, many players have already spent hundreds of hours in?Genshin Impact.


  Despite its name,?Nioh 2?is actually a prequel to?Nioh?and takes place in the year of 1555. Players control their customizable samurai, Hide, who meets Tokichiro, a merchant. The two go on a quest through the Sengoku Era, fighting against yokai and gaining their abilities. Players can also help each other online through Visitors and Expeditions, the two multiplayers modes in the game. It is known for its difficulty, being compared to Dark Souls.


  wasteland 3

  Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this RPG is centered around a Desert Ranger who needs to save Arizona. To do so, players must help the Patriarch of Colorado defeat his three kids. For those that like to make decisions that greatly impact the game’s story, allowing them to play multiple times and receive different results, this game is great. This is another game that can be played with a friend online, which can also help change the experience in each playthrough.


  Final Fantasy VII?is arguably the most popular RPG ever made. After waiting for years for the remake to be released, fans finally got to see a retelling of the beginning of the game. Due to the differences it had with the original, the remake is being split into multiple parts. Players can control Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith with ARPG mechanics rather than turn-based. Fans loved seeing their favorite moments?with today’s technology and though the original will always be one of the greatest games of all time, this remake does it justice.



  Xenoblade Chronicles?is one of the most underrated Nintendo franchises that still receives new games. Earlier this year, the first installment of the series was brought over to Switch. A lot of changes were made and new content was added, making this the best version to play.

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  After Shulk comes into contact with the Monado, a weapon that allows him to see the future, he goes on a quest to defeat the Mechon and Metal Face. There is a lot to do in this game and players have spent dozens of hours beating it. This version of the game also includes an epilogue called?Future Connected.

  yakuza like a dragon key art

  Unlike the majority of the series,?Yakuza: Like a Dragon?is an RPG rather than a beat ’em up. One of its most unique mechanics compared to other titles is that players can use many objects as weapons. The story revolves around Ichiban Kasuga, who replaces Kazuma Kiryu as the main character. Once he is released from prison after eighteen years of pretending to be a murderer, he tries to find out what happened to the Yakuza family he was apart of.



  Another remake that released this year was?Demon’s Souls. This is a PlayStation 5 exclusive so not many gamers have gotten their hands on it yet, but that will hopefully change soon. Though there is not much of a story, this shows what the PlayStation 5 is capable of through its amazing visuals and gameplay. It is one of the best games to get for players that want to face a difficult challenge.

  Persona 5 Royal ending

  Persona 5?is one of the best RPGs around, and this new version of the game makes it even better. After he attends a new school, Joker and the other members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts take away the evil in peoples’ hearts. In Persona 5 Royal, players get to experience a third semester, new characters, and more, giving them a reason to relive this masterpiece.

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