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[Resident Evil 7]Why Resident Evil Village DLC Needs The Four Lords | Screen Rant

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  Resident Evil Village DLC has been announced by Capcom, but no details have been shared. Here is what the new content should add to the game.

  By Angelina

  Published 5 days ago



  Resident Evil Village released back in May to a lot of excitement. The hype began when the game was first shown at a PS5 event last year – where fans were given a glimpse of the infamous Lady Dimitrescu. The latest title in the?Resident Evil franchise is a direct sequel to?Resident Evil 7 and follows Ethan Winters, who is trying to find his daughter. Players must defeat the four lords and their various minions. The game has been very well received, even being one of Twitch’s most viewed games last month. At E3 this past week,?Resident Evil?developer Capcom announced that DLC for the title is in the works.


  While DLC is definitely coming for?Resident Evil Village, no details have been shared. There was DLC released for?Resident Evil 7,?adding in an additional story which picked up where the main game ended. It is possible that Capcom will go a similar direction with?Village by expanding the story with other characters, though it is difficult to imagine where it could go without starting an entire new game. Instead of creating DLC that focuses on the story after the events of Resident Evil Village, it could be interesting to release content for each of the four lords as prequels.

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  The gameplay for?Resident Evil Village is a little different from previous titles, in that Ethan must battle each of the four lords in their own houses, with each house almost acting like its own game. While the core mechanics of the?Resident Evil franchise remain, the different houses have their own tasks and enemies. The settings of each Resident Evil Village?location?are also drastically different, from a gothic castle to a swamp to a modern factory. The result is that each environment and section of the game feels very different from the next. This would translate perfectly into four separate DLC, each featuring one of the four lords.

  Resident Evil 9 From Resident Evil Village

  The character building in?Resident Evil Village?is very well done, especially with the four lords. But because Ethan must finish them off one at a time they don’t really get the screen time they deserve – especially Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Considering?Resident Evil games are not supposed to be particularly long, it makes sense that there just wasn’t enough time to spend with each of these characters. Each of them really could have had their own games.?Adding DLC would allow their character depth to truly shine, possibly even expanding upon it.

  The player learns throughout the main campaign how each lord came to be, but there isn’t a lot of detail or elaboration. In fact, their backstories are rather brief. DLC covering their transformations would further flesh out the lore of?Resident Evil?Village?and its?characters. Each DLC could star one of the four lords and follow them as they become their wonderfully monstrous selves. It would be interesting to play as one – or, in this case, four – of the villains. The gameplay would be very different from the main game, simply because the lords have different abilities, which would add a lot variety and keep players on their toes.

  Considering that DLC wasn’t actually planned for?Resident Evil Village beyond its multiplayer content, it is very exciting that Capcom has decided to add more story. Bringing back the four lords would be a great way to expand the story without continuing on after the game ends. While it would be cool to play as Rose, any story with her will probably be used for the next game, as Resident Evil?Village?hints at. Regardless of what Capcom chooses, it is good to see that single-player games are still so popular and are being supported by their developers.

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