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[Minecraft]Clever Minecraft Mod Saves Players Tons of Time

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  Minecraft players who constantly find themselves filling up areas of broken terrain to create their desired settlements have a mod to look into that’ll save them tons of time. That mod is aptly called “Hole Filler Mod,” and as its name suggests, it fills up craters in the earth with different blocks. From Creeper explosions to natural holes in the ground, this sort of mod will make sure your structures are sound and things are looking tidy whenever your projects are finished.

  The Hole Filler Mod comes from a Minecraftmodder named Daniel Thomas who recently shared a post on the Minecraft subreddit highlighting the creation. The video shared was the same as the one below that showed the mod filling up different craters or otherwise non-uniform areas with different blocks.

  Thomas’ post on the subreddit highlighted the fact that the Hole Filler Mod can fill things with water or lava, too, not just dirt or other types of common blocks as players might’ve expected. It’s unclear if that’s a totally new feature or just one that’s worth highlighting, but it’s again brought attention to the mod that’s been out for a while and is a worthy addition to any Minecraft players’ games if they’re already open to using mods.

  “The Hole Filler Mod was created to remove the annoying and tedious task of filling in holes, usually caused by Creeper explosions,” a preview of the mod on the creator’s site said. “However, it can be used pretty much anywhere.”


  Over on the creator’s site where the mod can be downloaded, it explains that there are a number of different versions of the tool this mod adds that players can utilize. Recipes for “Basic” hole-fillers that fill areas with dirt exist as well as a “Smart” tool which “tries its best to match the filling-block to the surrounding area automatically.” Other options like an undo function and a “Preserve Mode” exist within the mod, too, to give players different options when filling up the terrain.

  The mod is only available for the Java version of Minecraft, so if you want to add it to your collection, you’ll have to have that version of the game first and then download the mod here.


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